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Why your resolution didn’t work (and how to create a vision that will)

Lose weight . . . go to the gym . . .start praying . . . take quiet time every morning . . . I’m gonna do a cleanse . . .stop smoking . . .

Sound familiar?

Have you made any of these resolutions, only to continue with the same old behavior on January 1 (or by January 5)?

Gurl, I’ve got good news for you!

I know why your resolutions didn’t stick and I’m going to help you create a vision that will work.

Why don’t that sh*t work? And how to get it working

It’s not that it doesn’t work darling.

It’s that we are usually creating from Ego.

We are creating from a place of fear, lack, “what can I get” mentality, “I’ve got to make money, friends, look good, etc.”.

This creates suffering. Period.

Another way to look at this is that I take my scared inner 8-year-old self and she makes some wishes that she thinks will make us happy.  This usually means getting some stuff that she thinks will soothe us and making our outsides different so others will accept us and that will soothe us too.

Problem is, an 8-year-old self needs to play.  An 8-year-old isn’t designed to take responsibility for big spiritual grown-up stuff.

me and autumn 12-2015

I wouldn’t hold my 7-year-old goddaughter responsible for taking me to the gym every day or sitting to reflect in my journal.

Her job is to try to get candy bars before dinner (or anytime) and stick her tongue out for pictures.



For this manifestation of vision to work we must come from the place of a Spiritual Adult.

We must connect with the Inner Dwelling God and create from that place of abundance and fullness.

What if I can’t access the “Inner Dwelling Anything”

It has been my personal experience that when I cannot access my own inner voice it is because some part of me needs attention, love and healing (take the scared 8-year-old for example).

Here’s what I mean:

As children we were often given negative messages.  We carry all those “tapes” within us at all times.

Ask yourself right now–how many of those tapes [that you replay daily] tell you how wonderful you are? How many say that you are loved . . . or that you will grow up to be the greatest person? (The Power is Within You, Louise Hay)

We super-impose those tapes onto our life today y’all.

And we think the tapes are reality and then we create from that “reality”.

And creating includes how we feed ourselves and care for our bodies, who we chose to partner with in love, work, friendship, etc., how we make money, if we have feed our spiritual growth and on and on.

These old tapes, when untended, are the blocks to creating a manifesting vision that fulfills us.

As a side note, I have found that it is pertinent to have help and comradery as I have done my own inner work.  I cannot recommend highly enough working with a therapist, coach, spiritual lay person, etc. to walk with you as you journey.

Everything you ever need to know, down to your very purpose is written upon your heart.

The issue is only that most of us have forgotten our innate connection to the Divine.

How do you go about crafting the year of your heart?

There are many ways to help access the quiet inner yearnings of your heart and soul.

Follow the same steps I take to create a vision for my year below.

No. 01

Get Centered

Sit Quietly. Perhaps listen to a meditation. Read an excerpt from a book that inspires you and reminds you of the Truth.

No. 02


Consider what you hope for yourself spiritually and psychologically in the new year.

*Note that this is  a different take than, “how much weight do you plan to lose,” or “what amount of money you want to make”.

No. 03


Journal on No. 02.  What makes you feel excited and plugged in to Source?  What visions and dreams do you have for your spiritual and emotional life?  What is so good and exciting that it almost seems too good to write down?

WRITE IT DOWN!  Don’t “dumb down” Spirit.  Remember the scared kid doesn’t run this show.

If you have a picture or a yearning that appears it very well may be the vision that is meant to be yours.  Be careful not to block vision from a place of fear or ego (a.k.a., “that sounds like too much effort,” or “that’s too much to hope for,” etc.)

No. 04


Okay, take your list (if it’s really long, choose the top 4 visions) and create an inventory of how you will support the vision.

Remember your spiritual adult self is leading the show here.

For each vision write down for what you would have to surrender for the vision to come into being.

Now write what steps you can take to support the vision.

Here’s an example:

You see that you desire spiritual connection


  1. Your habit of checking social media 1st thing in the morning
  2. Beginning to clean or do other busy work 1st thing
  3. Getting up at the same time as your partner or kids and then not having time to spend in practice
  4. Surrender giving in to the part of yourself that doesn’t want to do the morning ritual.

Supportive Steps:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes (or whatever works for you) earlier than the rest of the household and so you’ll have enough time
  2. After bathroom and something to drink you take yourself directly to your spot for morning reflection (even if you don’t want to)
  3. Create a beautiful, orderly space for you to sit every morning. *I have a candle, my journal, inspirational books, a soft blanket and a timer in my morning spot.
  4. Lovingly discipline yourself to take all of the above steps even though every bone in your body cries for you to check your facebook 🙂


Love and Repeat

Thank yourself.  Love yourself and Repeat.


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