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The ego is a ball of fear and how to remember hope today

“The ego is just a ball of fear” (martha Beck-I think:))

I have been squirming around in my mind worrying about how something that means a lot to me might not work out.

Wow can I create hell on earth quickly!


My yoga teacher said, “I was sitting by the pool and I even found something to worry about there.”  I cracked up because I know this pattern too well.

See, we humans develop these patterns of thinking that are like, “I am not safe in this world and I have to try to control and arrange everything and everyone to keep me safe.”

In fact, did you know the brain actually prefers cynicism?

Yep.  Then if you add to that growing up in a family where you might not have felt completely safe and sound and BOOM! Things a’int lookin’ so good. Your brain is then even more inclined towards negativity, doubt and fear.

This really F’s us up people.


There is So.Much.HOPE!!!!!

In fact, it’s kinda cool because this very negativity and fear-based thinking is what can create enough pain for us to consider change.

The great Richard Rohr calls this part of us that believes we actually are what we think, the small self:

The small, ego self is rather totally identified with its own thoughts and illusions, which are all the ego has. In fact, the ego is a passing game. That’s why it’s called the false self. It’s finally not real. Most people live out of their false self, so “they think they are their thinking.” They don’t have a clue who they are apart from their thoughts

Okay, so back to where I said this F’s us up.

We are f’ed if we continue this way because we miss the Wisdom, opportunity, unlimited potential that God brings in.

Small self (ego) cannot have room for an Infinite Wisdom.  So it is automatically limited.

In fact, ego or small self can only get ideas for how things are gonna work out or get done from our past experiences. uh-oh, right?

When we can move into a place of conscious awareness (i.e. not identified with our small self) we make space for the Infinite Mind.

We open to what some call collective consciousness, God Mind, Unlimited Potential.

Don’t you want that?

Dude, I do.

My entire reason for writing this is because I need SO much reminding and I imagine you do too.

Y’all I am 43 and have had 4 decades of a good bit of negative thinking.  That means I gotta do my homework to stay connected to the truth.

And the truth is (just in case you forgot :)):

There is great and unlimited hope for us all.  We just have to get out of our own way.

To quote on of my fav texts:  “God makes this possible”.

So get out there and hope I tell you.

Spread hope.

Be hope.

Talk hope.

Sing hope.

I mean it. Build it and they will come y’all.  Let’s do it.



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