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Meditation Monday|Stressed, anxious? Try this Divine Child Meditation

Have you forgotten to trust?

Check this, if you are:  stressed, anxious, scared, fear or doubtful . . . you may have forgotten to trust.

Girl, I feel you.

I get lost in my (limited) plans and ambitions and then angry or hopeless and down when I don’t

Luckily, the discomfort of my stressful, anxious thoughts brings me back to the Truth.

I remember, Love and Safety are always with me.

If I can’t remember, then I do practices to help me remember.

This brings me to today’s meditation.  If I do say so myself, it rocks.

This meditation guides us back to the always accessible truth.

Jesus directed us to, “become like little children . . . to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I believe we can experience a bit of heaven in our own hearts when we open to the sweet nature of our child selves.

If we “become like little children”, by remembering and acknowledging our own child-self, we can rest in trust. In wonderment. In knowing that all is well.

This meditation will guide you to embrace the place of trust and love within you.

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