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Meditation Monday|Inner Peace and Connection

There is nothing like beginning your day centered and connected.

I have a new challenge for you this week.

Are you game!?!

If so, begin each day this week with meditation.

If you enjoy guided meditations you can use this one or choose a new one from my site or somewhere else every day.

You will be amazed.

We are all connected and we need to plug in EVERY.Precious.Day.

You wouldn’t expect your electric light to turn on without being plugged in would you?

It’s the same for us.

Soapbox moment:  We don’t get taught this in our culture, but connecting spiritually is as important as brushing your teeth and dressing for the day

We must practice it treat it as such.

This is the first, and most important step in living the life you dream of.

Okay friends, here ya’ go.

Meditation for Stress Release & Inner Connection from shannon ball on Vimeo.

xxoo Shan

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