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Meditation Monday|Anxious, Ungrounded? Come Home.

Holiday season is upon us. Along with joy, this time of year can bring up feelings of anxiety, sadness and overwhelm.

It can be quite easy to lose our center of Be-ing.

To forget the Eternal Okay-ness of ourSelves in every moment.

I’ve got some stellar news for you!

There really is a way to always be connected to the Eternal Okay-ness.

It doesn’t mean you have to be pleased with all circumstances, but it does mean that you can be anchored to the underlying goodness of Life. of God. of Light. (whatever you call It).

You are never alone.

Your Higher Self, the Divine Spark, is always with you.

Within You.

When we are grounded in our connection to the Eternal-Self (not the ego-self that tells us things need to be different) we have a sense of connection and purpose that is solid and sure.

I promise.

So, today’s meditation is coming home.

Returning to the home that you carry with you in your very body.

Comfort, wisdom and peace reside INSIDE of you.

The practice of connecting with your Self and God is the way to strengthen the remembrance of this truth.

Today’s meditation will help you do just that.

It’s only 6 minutes.  Go!


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