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{audio meditation} Divine Light

  Hello Everyone Today marks a new series entitled, "Meditation Monday"! I am so excited to offer you a new audio meditation every Monday. Today's 4 minute meditation is entitled, Divine Light.   Enjoy! Got any requests?  Email me. Love, Shannon   Read More


Hello Sweet Ones! I am writing today with a reminder that All is Well! Whenever I am suffering, when I think I have an unsolvable problem, I have let my ego take charge. As Chuck Chamberlain best said, "There is ONLY one problem, and that is conscious separation from God." (a.k.a. EGO) AND, "There is only one Read More


Acceptance-a path to joy

Those of you who know me personally may know that I have gotten a divorce.  I mention this because I am going to tell you a little story about acceptance as a path to awakening in my own life. The decision to get a divorce and going through it was painful, shocking, sad, to name Read More


Self-criticism is a crazy thief of our joy and freedom.  It robs us the peace and clarity of the present moment, keeps us away from our innate creativity and, most importantly effects our sense of connection to the Divine. I have several practices I use on a daily basis to help me remember the abundance Read More


Show Up for Your Life

What's fearless about truly showing up for life? What does this even mean? To SHOW UP for life means to practice connecting every day. To remember:  I am always, forever, unendingly connected to Source. It means to be blown open by Life.            To show up and be as humble, as open, as Read More


3 Ways to Like Yourself Now!

Wanna feel better fast? A wise person said, "Want high self-esteem? Do esteem-able things." This outward act will have profound impact on your inner reality. Like most growth, we start at the more physical, gross level and it inevitably leads us to the more refined subtle levels. The Universe/God has a wonderful way of leading Read More


You feel cray cray. Seriously. You will be bitchy. Other people will.get.on.your.last.nerve. You will feel like a victim of the entire world and all its people. Every last damn thing will make you want to throw a hissy fit. And all the sudden you are (fill-in-the-blank:  fat; destined to be unhappy; unable to handle "it Read More


Hey Girl Today I am writing to talk about the false self.  This false self is like a mask we wear that covers our pure Essence Self. I grew up thinking I was somehow just wrong.  I was bad, ugly and un-liked.  I just couldn't fit in.  I really believed this. Recently I was talking Read More


In Search of Your True Self

It's a new year! Hope it's going beautifully for you. My intention for the new year? To continue to shed the false layers and move more deeply into my truest self.   Pretty words right?  And fairly simple.However, because we are human and have patterns of thinking and, consequently, believing and behaving, that veil us from Read More


Struggling? Get back to Joy.

Many of us have painful thoughts around the holidays.   These thoughts, in their looping and repetitive patterns, can take us far away from the truth of who we are AND the joy of the moment. Our true identity is Love.  We have God DNA people. We are intrinsically connected to the One. We just forget. If you Read More

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