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5 secrets to rock your day with happiness



It all starts in bed.

Yep, you can set the tone for your ENTIRE day before you roll over.

I promise.  It’s so simple it doesn’t seem like it could work.

But try it for a week and let me know if your life doesn’t change for the better.

Since our suffering happens between our ears, we have the power to rock with happiness as much as we have the power to be depressed and cynical.


So of course I gave myself an opportunity to practice:  I had the opportunity to sleep in.  So at 4:30 a.m. my dog saw something outside and began maniacally barking.  I got her quiet and went back to bed but could not get back to sleep.

I found myself thinking, “Well, I might as well get up. That totally screwed my sleep-in plans.  Now I’m going to be tired . . . blah, blah, and more blah.”

I suddenly realized I was setting my day up for to suck.  It is amazing to me how easily I go to the negative in my thinking.

Girl, we gotta’ be diligent about our thinking.

We can choose how we frame life instead of reverting to cynicism, fear, doubt, etc..

I remembered I was writing this post and that I should probably practice what I preach.



I hit my internal restart and I began again on a positive and loving note. (See my steps below).



5 Steps to Rock Your Day with Happiness

  1. Wake up Gently:  I start my day by waking up with a progressive alarm.  I downloaded the “Progressive Alarm Clock” app for $.99 and I love it.  It is a much gentler way to wake and it makes me happy every day.

    Wake up gently to rock your day

  2. Gratitude:  Louise Hay (one of my favs :)) says that before she opens her eyes she says, “Thank you bed for a good night’s    sleep. It was so lovely. Now it’s going to be a wonderful day”.  I have also heard may people say they silently list their gratitudes before they open their eyes.
  3. Connect with the Divine child within you:  Louise (yep, we’re on a 1st name basis), says she moves on to the mirror in her room where she looks at herself in the eyes and tells herself, “Louise, I love you.  I really really love you.”  I know this may sound hokey, but give it a try.  Often I don’t even look in the mirror, I just tell myself I am here and I love you.  You are good and worthy of love.  Come on, this is the human dilemma, this sense of un-worth.  We must do our part to change our self-hatred and sense of unworthiness                                                                                                                                                        We act lovingly when we have embraced ourselves with our own love and tenderness.  tweet(tweet this y’all)Divine Child
  4. Use the bathroom, maybe start the coffee. We are human. 🙂rock your day
  5. 5. Connect with the natural world:  anything can work, make a fire, light a candle, listen for the bird’s song, step outside, take a walk, look at the sky for a moment, smell the air, pet an animal.  Something that will ground you in the Larger Force of Goodness that is always with us.  Take it in.  Remember that Life is happening for you.  Not against you.

Remember, and this is very important, our brains prefer negative thoughts. Add to that the fact that many of us learned to think negatively, expect the worst, expect to be let down, etc. in our families and dang, we gotta do some practicing to change our mode of thinking.

Why does this matter?

Well, for me it matters because I want to be a better person and live a good life and help others. But it also matters ’cause I don’t  want to live in the hell of my own negative mind-set.

And you matter.

Hope it’s a good day for you too <3wake up on the right foot, rock your day, right thinking

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  • Bethany June 2, 2017, 12:06 am

    I love these! I have a friend that starts her day with air punches! Might sound silly but basically she is killing butt from the start =)

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